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Return Policy

Return Policy

If you are looking for the return of item, then read the policy to see if your product is eligible to be returned. 
Users are given 7 days to return the item in case of any issue. Steps to return the items are as follows:    
    1. Check whether the products do not meet the requirements
    2. Use GoToChoose customer support or contact vendor for return request 
    3. Fill return form
    4. Pack the items with return label attached
    5. Arrange for the product pick up or drop off
    6. Quality check will be done for the returned item
    7. Refund will be made after the quality check validation

Conditions for item return and procedure

Items can be returned if they don’t belong to the categories including cosmetics, watches, sunglasses, skin care products, innerwear, perfumes or any custom products.
In case of electronic or general merchandise you need to give the following reasoning for the return:

Reason for return
Conditions for returning item?
Claim time
Return Criteria/Refund
Item is not according to the order
1. Seal must be there and other must not be used
2. All documents must be there with item
Make contact in 7 days to initiate return

A full refund in the form of:
1. Store Credit Voucher
2. Bank transfer or cheque 
3. Credit card reversal

Defective or damaged item
1. Item should have original condition
2. complete packaging with warranty etc
Customer or vendor will carry the pick and drop of product

Request a Return

You need to contact customer support or contract vendor to ensure that product is return eligible. Customer or the vendor will arrange the procedure of return and do all the processes accordingly.  

Is it possible to get replacement instead of Refund?

Is a user is interested in getting a replacement, and then he/she must tell the representative. Replacement can only be made after the product inspection and inventory check at the vendor. User will be informed of the replacement product availability and user can get replacement from GoToChoose. 

How to know if the product is not validated for the return?

If the product doesn’t meet the criteria of quality check, then the representative of GoToChoose or the vendor will tell you and return you the item. Item return will be arranged by vendor or customer needs to collect the item personally.