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Terms & Conditions

Introduction of GoToChoose

GoToChoose is one of the top online shopping portals of the country. Terms and conditions are application not only to the website but also to the divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates which are related to the website. Access to the website is purely up to the user understanding the acceptance of terms and conditions. You need to discontinue the use of website if terms and conditions are not acceptable to you. 

GoToChoose reserves complete right to add, edit, change and remove anything from the terms and conditions at any time without giving any notice. All the changes will be considered effective right after posting. Users of GoToChoose must regularly check terms and conditions of the website in order to stay up to date. If user will continue the use of the website then it will considered acceptance from the user side.

Use of GoToChoose

If you are using the website, then you confirm that you are 18 years or older. Users are prohibited to use this website for the commercial purposes unless the express permission. Violation of the terms and conditions can get you in the immediate revocation of the license. Content available on the website is for informational purposes only. Product representation is offered by the vendors and visual representation may vary with the actual product. Opinions and expression available on GoToChoose are the individual own postings and does not represent the website. 

Some services may require the registration. If you want to register for these services or the features, then you need to notify and get registered. Users of the website are required to keep account details confidential and not give them to anyone. Activities from the account are your responsibility as the user and you need to notify in case of an unauthorized access. Website will not bear any responsibility for the losses incurred due to any kind of unauthorized activity. You agree to be notified through the emails when you register on the website. You will receive promotions and offers on the website. If you don’t wish to get any email, then you can unsubscribe and you will not receive any such email.

Submissions of Users

Everything which the user submit on the website will be the responsibility of the user but it becomes the property of GoToChoose. All the submissions are non returnable and claims will not be entertained. GoToChoose can add, edit and delete any submissions. You must provide the correct name, address, email and other details. You agree that you will not mislead GoToChoose through any fake details. 

Orders and Pricing

GoToChoose may not process the order in some circumstances. GoToChoose reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order without telling any reason. Order acceptance is based on the verification of personal and credit card details. You may need to provide additional information for verifying your identity and give details. GoToChoose makes sure that it provide accurate information about prices of the products but we don’t take any responsibility for the errors in the pricing. We can cancel or refuse the order if product price is not accurately given on the website.

Procedure of Payment

Pay on delivery option is available for the products or orders below the price of PKR 50,000. Orders above PKR 50,000 require you to make a full amount in advance through the credit card.

Copyrights and the Trademarks

All the intellectual property will remain in control of GoToChoose under the Pakistan copyright laws. It include the software, logos, designs, layouts, videos, information, audios and other related things with all rights reserved.

Liability Limitation

Website of GoToChoose offer all the products, information, content, materials and items on the as is and as available basis. Warranty or guaranty of any kind will be given by the company or the vendor and GoToChoose doesn’t offer any warranty for any product you purchase.

Electronic Communications

In case of email, request form, or a text you are directly communicating with website. As a user, you will give consent that all the notices, disclosures, agreements and related communications are according to the legal requirements and you avoid any kind of illegal activity.

Jurisdiction and the Applicable law

Laws of Pakistan will govern all the terms and condition of the use of GoToChoose. As a user, you accept the jurisdiction of the Pakistan laws and courts in case of any issue.


GoToChoose reserves the right to terminate the terms and conditions and make the legal or the equitable remedies. It can also revoke the license along with the granted rights. Termination of the terms and conditions will not have any effect on the obligations and rights of parties. GoToChoose cannot be held liable for any license revocation, restricted access and any termination. If any user disagrees from the terms and conditions, then it must stop using the website.